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Calcium Hexaboride Powder

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Natural Pink Himalayan Rock Salt

Natural Pink Himalayan Rock Salt

Industrial Use Non Ferric Aluminum Sulphate

Industrial Use Non Ferric Aluminum Sulphate

Aluminum Sulphate From Gujarat Metals and Chemicals

Aluminum Sulphate From Gujarat Metals and Chemicals

Industrial pulverized Salt

Industrial pulverized Salt

Salt Tablet

Salt Tablet

Crystal salt

Crystal salt

Water Softener Tablet Salt

Water Softener Tablet Salt

Industrial Salt:

Industrial Salt is an important ingredient in many industrial processes as most chemical products rely on salt at some stage of their manufacturing.

Some facts about Industrial Salt:

  • Industrial Salt is used in the manufacturing of paper, plastic, glass, rubber, textiles, dyes, leather, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
  • Industrial Mill Salt is a fine screened, white crystalline sodium chloride that can be produced by the solar evaporation of brine and can be used in a wide variety of end use applications, including manufacturing detergents, textile dyeing, resin products and other chemical processes.
  • Salt is used in the oil industry to increase the density of mud and soil, which creates a more safe and efficient drilling rig.
  • Extensive amounts of salt are required to facilitate drilling on land, although salt may not be used in off-shore drilling.
  • Salt can be used by pharmaceutical companies in the process of making capsules, as well as the production of saline solutions, which have widespread secondary uses
  • Saline solutions are useful for contact solution, as well as for intravenous formulas.
  • The majority of the industrial salt of world is used to deice roads and to create a safer driving surface.
  • 60 to 80 percent of globally mined salt is used to improve the safety of public transit in one capacity or another. But usually it is used to decrease the freezing point of snow and ice.
  • Usually, salt is spread on roads prior to inclement weather to create a surface layer of brine so that further protection can be provided against ice.
  • Industrial salt is used as a filler for detergents and solvents, as it causes the chemical to be more rapidly dissolved in water
  • Chemical industries include large amounts of industrial salt in the process of making soap as many of the components required for making soap can be separated by salt.
  • Industrial salt can be used as an energy producer as large amounts of salt is required by solar ponds and other energy producing facilities to maintain a necessary salinity.
  • Rock salt and industrial salt are in increasing demand with increased availability of solar energy as it is is relatively cheap, and is available in large quantities.
  • Granulated Industrial Salts are recommended for a variety of industrial applications including chemical manufacturing, textile processing, metallurgical smelting, hide curing, leather tanning, brine making, water conditioning, paper and pulp processing.
  • The industrial salt has a lower purity level, and are not refining.
  • Industrial salt is used in industries such as skin tanning, water and wastewater treatment, acidifying, sanitary and detergent production, and many other industries.
  • Sugar Salt, Fishery Salt, Pea Salt, Powder Salt, Salt Road grade, Salt Drilling grade are some of the most important types of industrial salts.

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